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Trained professional journalists are people who can write well, quickly, and with superlative interviewing and storytelling skills. Who doesn’t want a journalist to tell your corporate stories and get them published in leading sites of authority?

Meet the “brand journalist” – the classically trained professional who brings to your brand his/her gift with words that’s worth gold in today’s era of content marketing. The brand journalist is your trusted advisor when it comes to reaching audiences with a story that stands out above the noise.

As a former magazine & newspaper editor of 15+ years’ experience, with literally hundreds of her business articles published across North America, Heather Angus-Lee:

    • Writes like a journalist, with compelling quotes, headlines, interviews with customers and industry experts on the topics most pressing in an industry and/or to consumers. With the extra spin of SEO best practices for great search results for your content!
    • Pitches the story. Having been on the editor’s side of the desk, Heather knows exactly what will increase the chances of being published, including knowledge of each publication’s editorial calendar for the best fit. She has a 90+% placement rate!
    • Shares the content via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, and/all other social media relevant to your market(s). For example, Heather created this Flipboard magazine showcasing all the third-party articles about her client and their customers.


Brand Journalism Examples by Heather Angus-Lee

Protein Problem Solver: Software Technology for Catch Weight Management(Link)

National Provisioner

June 15, 2014

Roger Wood Foods and JustFoodERP are working on software solutions for catch weight management and other meat processing industry specific challenges at a plant in Savannah, GA…

Investing in ERP: Food Manufacturer Optimizes Business Processes with ERP Software(Link)

Manufacturing AUTOMATION

June 10, 2014

Kitchen Partners Ltd., a supplier of the Boston Pizza restaurant chain, has successfully boosted their efficiencies in production of assembled, stirred, and frozen foods at their Edmonton, AB plant with the implementation of JustFoodERP software…

Leading Dessert Manufacturer Certifies to GFSI Food Safety & Quality Standard(Link)

Food in Canada

June 3, 2014

The Original Cakerie (TOC), the largest privately owned dessert manufacturer in Canada with 500-employee, has achieved the highest level of certification to the BRC Food Standard, one of the leading GFSI recognized schemes for food safety and quality.

Mobile ERP Moves Equipment Providers from Clipboards to Handhelds(Link)

May 27, 2014

While there may be initial fear and resistance by ‘old school’ employees used to the pen-and-clipboard way of renting, selling and servicing equipment, the move to an ERP system – fully integrated with a configurable mobile application – can provide greater visibility on customers, equipment, inventory, open orders, etc. for service technicians, sales people, and management to help reduce close…more

Mobile ERP is a Game Changer, Including for the Food Industry(Link)

May 21, 2014

The impact of mobile ERP software technology across food production, warehouse management, quality assurance capabilities and management styles.

FAQs on GFSI Recognized Schemes for Food Safety and Quality(Link)

Food Manufacturing Magazine

April 18, 2014

Demand for Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-recognized food safety and quality certification isn’t going away — but here’s hoping industry confusion over the various standards will! The following answers to these frequently asked questions might help.

Connective ERP: Software Connecting Employees, Machines, Data & Processes on the Shop Floor & in the Warehouse(Link)

Food Logistics

April 15, 2014

Mobile technology is a game changer across all segments of society right now, and the food industry is no exception. Having access to transactional data and real-time metrics, at the very spots where this information is needed, is today a reality, and coming down in price all the time as mobile apps, cloud/SaaS business models and other flexible options revolutionize the food industry’s adoption…more

The Value of GMPs in Achieving Globally Recognized Certification(Link)

Food Quality & Safety Magazine

April 3, 2014

The quality manager and plant manager at Giovanni Food Company, Syracuse, NY based manufacturer of sauces and juices, discuss their journey to SQF Level 2 certification for food safety and quality, including best practices in GMPs and HACCP.

Special Report: Food Safety from A to Z(Link)

Food Logistics Magazine

March 28, 2014

SQF vs. BRC vs. FSSC? Demand for GFSI recognized schemes for food safety and quality isn’t going away – but here’s hoping that confusion over various standards does go away! Here’s what you need to know…

15 Ways Rental Equipment Software Helps your Business(Link)


March 25, 2014

Technology, like in most industries, can be an equipment rental business’ best friend – squeezing out the inefficiencies in rental contract management, shipping, billing and fleet management, whether for 100 or 30,000 rental units. Investing in industry-specific software for equipment rental is key to reducing costs, boosting efficiency in labor and equipment, supporting growth and continuous…more

FSMA: An Opportunity as Well as a Challenge?(Link)

Food Manufacturing Magazine

January 10, 2014

Summary of the business gains that can be gained through compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules in the United States.

Apply for DTAPP Grant(Link)

Food in Canada Magazine

January 9, 2014

Canadian food sector is among those benefiting from the Digital Technologies Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP) funding by the federal government to companies with fewer than 500 employees that are incorporated and operating in Canada.

How Do You Know It’s Time for ERP at your Company?(Link)

December 16, 2013

There is actually a specific point in the trajectory of your business growth where the implementation of ERP should enter the picture..

Field Service Technicians Go Mobile(Link)

The MHEDA Journal – Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

November 21, 2013

Day-to-day tasks look a whole lot different lately for more than two dozen field service technicians working out of the Cincinnati, OH location of leading equipment distributor, Equipment Depot. They are using ruggedized tablets that connect them directly to their company’s business software system, EquipSoft, via mobile platform which lets them do paperless PM work orders and regular-fix work orders.

Kansas-Based Sauce Manufacturer Joins Trade Missions(Link)

Food Manufacturing Magazine

October 29, 2013

“Exporting is a fantastic opportunity for a company of our size,” says Joe Polo, founder and owner of Original Juan Specialty Foods, which has participated in 2012 trade missions to India, Russia and western Europe, and in 2013 to Mexico.

Organic, Natural Beverage Distributor Boosts Productivity with Mobile WMS(Link)

Beverage Industry Magazine / BNP Media

October 23, 2013

Global Import & Export Safety: Selecting and Implementing a GFSI Scheme(Link)

Quality Assurance & Food Safety Magazine

October 11, 2013

The value for food companies to certify to a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standard such as BRC or SQF, including interview with G.S. Dunn, the world’s largest dry mustard miller that recently certified to Level 3 SQF to meet demands of global customers for optimal food quality and safety.

Weighty Issue: Traceability for Protein-Based Processors(Link)

Canadian Meat Business: The Beef, Pork & Poultry Industry Magazine

October 1, 2013

Page 6 – Cover story: how meat processors can best handle traceability in light of industry unique processes such as catch weights, byproducts/byprocesses, etc. by using the food industry specific software system, JustFoodERP.

EDI Transactions Ideally Flow through an Automated Process(Link)

Food Manufacturing Magazine

August 21, 2013

Suncore Products, the manufacturers of WhoKnew™ Smart Cookies, talk in this detailed Q&A about their integration of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and their JustFoodERP software system for optimal sales ordering with their customers including mass merchandisers, distributors and brokers.

Versatile Ingredient: New Business Driven by Mustard Substitute for Sodium Phosphate or Soy Protein Isolate – page 8

Canadian Meat Business: The Beef, Pork & Poultry Industry Magazine

July 1, 2013

Interview with Nancy Post, Director, Technical Services, about the R&D happening at G.S. Dunn, the world’s largest dry mustard miller, to use mustard as a healthy, more cost effective replacement for other proteins in meat processing.

Key Functionality in ERP for Equipment Distributors(Link)

May 7, 2013

Today’s successful equipment dealers are using software technology well beyond standard ERP for managing sales, rentals, service, parts and fleets. They are integrating with mobile apps and functionalities including e-commerce, telemetrics and much more.

Selecting ERP for the Food Industry(Link)

April 2, 2013

Nominated for Best Article in 2013 ERP Writers Awards
ERP vendors serve very broad markets. Their websites may claim “we focus exclusively on process manufacturing industry” – but how “exclusive” is a focus on adhesives and sealants, paint, ink and coatings, cosmetics and personal care products, food and beverage, pharmaceutical…”

Love the Software, Not Sure about the People?(Link)

February 13, 2013

A company is well advised to look at the human capital invested behind its ERP project, specifically, how well aligned is their staffing with your ERP buying/using lifecycle…

ERP Profitability Trumps Status Quo(Link)

January 9, 2013

Change is hard, and that can include leaving your legacy business software, even when it’s not helping your business as much as you need, and moving to a new, untried ERP system.

Recall?! Quick – Check your ERP and CRM Systems!(Link)

Food Logistics Magazine

October 22, 2012

Some Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems, such as JustFoodERP, allow for bi-directional recalls (forward and backward on the supply chain) that include immediate integration to Microsoft Word and Outlook for letter writing and notification of customers and suppliers.

Traceability and Recall: Operations Employees Like to Take Vacations, too!(Link)

Food Logistics Magazine

October 1, 2012

Interviews with several food manufacturers about how they have automated lot traceability and recall processes using JustFoodERP software.

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