Content is King; Who’s the Kingmaker?

Content has been crowned King in the business world for quite a while now – but who, exactly, is the kingmaker? It makes sense that it would be a professionally trained, experienced writer, ideally with a journalistic background, who can quickly produce compelling content that converts into leads and new business.

Heather Angus-LeeThat’s a tall order – but there are such content kingmakers out there, like Heather Angus-Lee. She is living proof that the only way to write effectively is to write frequently, for a long time, and for a living, with skills such as:

  • Journalistic best practices carried into “brand journalism” that showcases your expertise.
  • Writing for ease of social sharing.
  • Writing quickly and effectively, including for daily deadlines.
  • Writing for no-nonsense editors, publishers and business clients with high standards of clear, compelling, actionable content.
  • Writing in a voice/style that is the perfect fit for the intended audience.
  • Writing for search engines, as well as human readers, so that content gets found on page 1 in organic search.
  • Writing with great vocabulary and without grammatical or spelling errors.

All this, and more, is why hiring a professionally trained, frequently published writer is your best, most cost-effective way to your message out – whether that’s social media, brand journalism, or a book.

Heather Angus-Lee, a graduate of one of the best journalism schools in the country, has worked as an award-winning writer, columnist and Editor-in-Chief for magazines and newspapers for 15 years, and marketing writer for the past eight years. Her clients have included a leading national real estate franchise, public/private organizations such as large utilities corporations, software technology providers, as well as several large marketing agencies across the continent.

Heather has written literally hundreds of articles about technology applications, customer success stories, white papers – for internal marketing purposes as well as publication in national magazines in various subjects. Heather has also edited books ranging in subject matter from science to business to YA fiction.

Publishing is the New Marketing. Hire someone in the know who has the publishing proof.

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