“Adding on outside consultant in any business is treacherous. Often it’s a waste of time and precious funds. Adding Heather to our business has been none of those. Heather has brought structure to our marketing efforts, improved the quality and professionalism of our content and influenced the development of a much more cohesive marketing and messaging strategy. Absolutely, the best outside resource we have ever employed. The results prove it.
– John Rinaldi, CEO and owner/founder, Real Time Automation, Milwaukee, WI

“Heather Angus-Lee came highly recommended, and as we quickly found out, with very good reason. I had a six-month deadline looming with a renowned publishing house and just one problem… I needed an editor. Someone who could guide the process and make sure my deadline was met. What we got with Heather was so much more than that. First of all, her objective viewpoint and insistence on the importance of the “traveler’s journey” (the reader) became our guiding light. Not only did she obsess over every word, she served as a mentor, explaining the rationale behind every suggested edit. She invested well beyond the time expected, truly doing whatever it took to get the job done – she even conducted dozens of client interviews on our behalf! Our book would not be the insightful, polished finished product it is today without Heather. She is a rare talent and I would enlist her service again in a heartbeat.
– William Seagraves, President, CatchFire Funding, Denver, CP author of Be Your Best Boss: Reinvent Yourself from Employee to Entrepreneur

“I can honestly say that I have never met a professional that is as prolific, creative, or committed to communications [as Heather Angus-Lee]. She is a real pleasure to work with.
– Marc DiGiorgio, CMO, IndustryBuilt Software, Toronto, ON

“Heather has provided us with great insight and leadership on web writing best practices. She guided our development of sitemaps, user-centred design and search engine optimization. Heather has also given several writing workshops to help other writers in the organization learn how best to write for web.”
– Susan Brien, Director, Public Reporting on Health System Performance in Ontario

“Heather has led the social media activity of CENTURY 21. She has assisted in passing on knowledge to our entire organization and has increased the visibility of Century 21. I would recommend her and her company as a consultant and provider of service in the social media area without any reservations.”
– Don Lawby, President & CEO, CENTURY 21 Canada, Vancouver, BC

“Heather has truly been a lifesaver! Her ability to keep a laser focus on the needs of the reader is nothing short of phenomenal. Her editing skills are top-notch and she has pushed me to be a better writer since day one.”
– Susan Baloun, Partner/Lead Writer, Wheat Creative LLC, Henderson, NV

“Heather has brought a breath of fresh air into our copy and content, allowing us to improve our email statistics. Not only is she a great writer, she always responds in a timely manner and is very organized – something I appreciate about working with her. She is both professional and a pleasure to work with!”
– Lauren Berardino, Marketing Consultant, Starshot Digital Agency, Chicago, IL

Heather is a true professional. She always delivered at 110% and did an outstanding job at providing detailed reports and recommendations. Heather was more than an Editorial Consultant, she was a leader and an excellent mentor to all of the staff. Her vast knowledge in SEO and social media is incredible, she has exceptional writing skills and her attention to detail is amazing.”
– Joanna Bogdanski, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Partner, THE FACE Magazine, Cambridge, ON

“Heather’s tailored presentations are engaging and her comments resonated well with our staff. She did an outstanding job of providing a detailed, comprehensive and valuable report with recommendations which exceeded my expectations. Heather is professional, yet personable and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”
Candice Spencer, Marketing & Communications, CFA Society Toronto

“Heather is profoundly well-read, loves words and books. She is hard to beat. She is demanding, has extremely high expectations… she was my first editor and writing teacher 15 years ago when she published my columns”
– Perry Marshall, best selling author of “The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, and 80/20 Sales & Marketing, Chicago, IL

“Heather was very generous with advice, education and information during the on-site discovery sessions with groups of employees… I found Heather a delight to work with – personable, brimming with expert information, and detail oriented. I learned a lot from her and hope to be able to hire her again in the near future.”
– Sandy Manners, Director, Corporate Communications, Guelph Hydro Inc., Guelph, ON

“I think it’s rare to find an SEO writer who has also been a newspaper and magazine editor. That’s one reason why I chose Heather to produce an audit and recommendations for my site – she understands that good SEO includes good writing as well as good keywords.”
Simon Payn, Founder, ReadytoGo Newsletters, Toronto, ON

“I found Heather to be a very knowledgeable, well organized and dependable editor. Her writing skills were exceptional. Her articles were informative and forward thinking. Heather always made sure she attended our important functions and did the “little extra” by addressing the key questions that were crucial to our readers. As an editor, Heather is respected by her colleagues and industry peers.”
– Klaus Pirker, Publisher, Manufacturing AUTOMATION Magazine, Toronto, ON

Heather embodies a unique blend of technical writing skills, and a coaching directness that helps you convey your message with clarity. If you are looking for a writer, coach and mentor to help you elevate the quality of your project, Heather is your person.”
– Dan Mack, author of Dark Horse, and founder, Mack Elevation Forum, Chicago, IL

For more testimonials, visit heatheranguslee.com and scroll down to Recommendations.